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Vehicle Title Insurance, License & Registration

Auto Insurance

Insuring your automobile is mandatory in Mexico, ensuring both legal compliance and financial protection. We provide comprehensive vehicle insurance for automobiles registered in Mexico, the United States, and Canada. Moreover, we offer specialized coverage for vehicles in Quintana Roo that hold a UCD permit. For more details, please email us directly.

Quintana Roo Driver’s License

Obtaining a Quintana Roo state driver’s license is a crucial step for residents. Only Temporary or Permanent Residents are eligible. Notably, you need to know your blood type in advance as it is noted on the license.

Key Requirements:

  1. Quintana Roo driver’s license is mandatory to register a car in Quintana Roo state.

  2. An appointment is required, and you must submit various documents including your passport, resident card, utility bill, and a medical form to the state license office.

  3. A brief medical examination is also necessary.

  4. Joanna in Playa del Carmen is available to assist with obtaining your Quintana Roo driver’s license. Please email Joanna for assistance.

If you hold a driver’s license from another Mexican state or another country, you are exempt from the driving and written tests, provided your name on the license matches your resident card exactly. A beginner’s license is available for individuals aged 15 to 18.

Quintana Roo Vehicle Registration

Vehicle registration in Quintana Roo is processed at the Rentas office. You need a valid CURP (akin to SIN/SSN), which is available only to citizens and Temporary or Permanent Residents.

Important Points:

  • Tourists cannot register vehicles as they lack a CURP.

  • Scooters and ATVs also require registration and license plates. Helmets are mandatory.

  • Improperly attached license plates, such as those riveted (illegal), can result in fines and vehicle towing.

To register your vehicle, contact Joanna Francis, who is bilingual and knowledgeable. Please email Joanna for assistance. Carry the original vehicle registration (tarjeta de circulación), proof of annual registration fee (refrendo), and your original Quintana Roo driver’s license at all times.

Quintana Roo Driver’s License

Quintana Roo State Handicap Parking, Annual Registration Fee, Emissions Test

Handicap Parking Permits: To obtain a handicap parking permit in Quintana Roo, schedule an appointment in Chetumal, see the assigned physician, complete the necessary form and photos, and submit a request letter in Spanish to the Rentas office in Playa del Carmen. This process typically takes two days.

Annual Registration Fee (Refrendo): The refrendo fee must be paid within the first three months of the year, regardless of when you first registered your vehicle. Additionally, a tenencia fee applies to vehicles valued over ~600,000 pesos. Electric vehicles are exempt from tenencia.

Emissions Test Schedule: All vehicles in Quintana Roo must undergo biannual emissions tests.

New cars are included. The schedule is as follows:

  • Plates ending in 5 and 6: January-February; July-August

  • Plates ending in 7 and 8: February-March; August-September

  • Plates ending in 3 and 4: March-April; September-October

  • Plates ending in 1 and 2: April-May; October-November

  • Plates ending in 9 and 0: May-June; November-December

Appointments for emissions testing can be made online or by phone.

To drive in Mexico City, a 00 or 0 emissions sticker is required. The 00 sticker is valid for 2 years for new cars, while the 0 sticker is valid for 6 months for older cars. Testing for these permits is limited to a few centers, and for residents of Playa del Carmen, Cancun is the nearest location.

Hybrids and Battery Electric Vehicles

Emissions Tests Exemptions:

  • Hybrid vehicles: Exempt from emissions tests for 8 years.

  • Battery electric vehicles: Permanently exempt from emissions tests.

UCD Permit

The UCD (Unión Campesina Democrática) permit allows vehicles from the US and Canada to legally drive in Quintana Roo and surrounding areas.

Key Points:

  • Permits are issued in Playa del Carmen with delivery available.

  • Visa status is irrelevant.

  • Applicable to vehicles from 2012 or older.

  • Annual renewal each January.

  • You will receive a letter from SAT and the head of police for Quintana Roo state stating your vehicle is legal.

  • UCD plate must be displayed on the back, while the original US or Canadian plate is displayed on the front.

  • An emissions test is required upon receiving your UCD permit.

Your current insurance policy may not cover you with a UCD permit, so additional coverage might be necessary. We can refer you to a reliable provider for this service.

By following these guidelines and understanding the requirements for insurance, licensing, and registration in Quintana Roo, you can ensure that your vehicle is compliant with local laws and regulations

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