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Immigration entry Visa Process Mexico

In the pursuit of obtaining permanent residency in Mexico, navigating through the immigration visa process can be both exciting and daunting. This comprehensive guide aims to shed light on the intricacies of acquiring permanent residency visas in three key Mexican locations: San Miguel, Puerto Vallarta, and Nuevo Nayarit.

Discover the streamlined process of obtaining a permanent residency visa in Mexico
entry visa mexico

San Miguel

INM Process Overview

  1. Early Arrival: Clients are advised to arrive early at the Immigration Office (INM) in San Miguel to secure a favorable position in line.

  2. Processing Time: The duration of your stay at INM can vary, ranging from 5 to 7 hours or even longer, depending on factors like the number of applicants and administrative issues.

  3. Weather Considerations: Be prepared for fluctuating temperatures throughout the day, ranging from cool mornings to hot afternoons.

Visa Issuance

  1. Same-Day Visa Issuance: In most cases, the visa card is issued on the same day of the application process.

  2. Exceptions: Certain circumstances, such as transitioning from temporary to permanent residency or familial sponsorship, may lead to delays in visa issuance.

Puerto Vallarta

Appointment System

  1. Appointment Management: Teresa manages appointments, scheduling them based on availability.

  2. Booking Considerations: It's crucial to plan ahead due to limited appointment slots and high demand.

Nuevo Nayarit

Appointment Procedures

  1. Early Arrival: Applicants are encouraged to arrive early, with entry permitted at 6 am for waiting purposes.

  2. Duration: Anticipate spending 5 to 7 hours, or potentially longer, at the Immigration Office.

Preparation Tips

  1. Clothing: Dress appropriately for fluctuating temperatures throughout the day.

  2. Food and Refreshments: Bring snacks and water to sustain you during the wait period.

Realistic Expectations

  1. Potential Challenges: Staff shortages, technical issues, and unexpected delays can impact the visa process.

  2. Managing Expectations: Applicants are advised to remain flexible and patient throughout the process.

Comparison with US Visa Processes

  1. Timeline: The Mexican visa process typically offers a quicker turnaround compared to US visa procedures.

  2. Requirements: Mexican citizens applying for US residency face stringent background checks and medical examinations, with processing times extending up to a year.

Permanent Resident Visa

Pre-Approval Process

  1. Mexican Consulate Pre-Approval: Initiate the permanent residency process with pre-approval from a Mexican consulate.

  2. Consulate Requirements: Fulfill specific requirements, including photo submissions, visa applications, and financial documentation.

Financial Requirements

  1. Minimum Income and Investments: Applicants must meet financial thresholds in terms of monthly income or investments.

  2. Documentation: Provide bank statements and other financial documents as per consulate guidelines.

Entering Mexico with Pre-Approved Visa

  1. Entry Timeline: Once pre-approved, applicants have six months to enter Mexico and commence the visa process.

  2. Single Entry Requirement: Entry into Mexico is permitted only once with the pre-approved visa, necessitating immediate visa processing upon arrival.

Immigration Fees

  1. Permanent Resident Fee: A set fee is payable at Immigration upon pre-approval from a Mexican consulate.

  2. Review Fee: Additional charges apply for transitioning from temporary to permanent residency status.

Permanent Resident Card

  1. Validity: The permanent residency card is issued indefinitely, with no renewal requirements for most applicants.

  2. Work Authorization: Permission to work is granted upon registration with the Tax Administration Service (SAT), subject to INM approval.

Travel Considerations

  1. Identification Requirements: Carry original residency documents within Mexico to avoid legal complications.

  2. Lost Resident Card Protocol: Guidelines for managing lost or misplaced residency cards within and outside Mexico.

Traveling with Minors

  1. Documentation Requirements: Foreign minors traveling to Mexico must adhere to specific documentation protocols.

  2. Parental Consent: Procedures for minors traveling alone or with third-party guardians, including documentation and approval processes.


Navigating the permanent residency visa process in Mexico demands thorough preparation, patience, and adherence to regulatory requirements. By understanding the nuances of each step and location-specific considerations, applicants can streamline their immigration journey and embark on a new chapter of life in Mexico.

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